About Us

More than Just Another Marketing Company...
MarketShare Builds Your Brand & Grows Your Business

Who We Are

With over 30 years of experience, MarketShare Communications has grown into a strategic and result-oriented marketing, website development and digital branding firm that helps companies build their brand awareness and engage new prospects.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals including web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and SEO/social media experts will help your business deliver innovative marketing with measurable results. They enjoy getting to know our clients personally so that they can execute the best marketing possible.

What We Do

From creative concepts to campaign execution, our services cover all aspects of marketing. Our programs are fully integrated including website design and development, e-mail, SEO and social media programs, advertising and video — all working together seamlessly to reach your target customers precisely when they are looking for you.

At MarketShare we’re about helping our clients gain a larger share of their market.

What Makes Us Different

We look at your company unlike other marketing firms. We get absorbed in your day-to-day business so that we understand all of the ins and outs. We believe in a holistic approach to marketing that encompasses all aspects of your business process and do the due diligence to understand your business and industry before we craft our strategy or develop creative concepts. Only then can we begin the process of establishing a marketing program that’s right for you.

  • Strategic Planning: We base your marketing program on what YOU need…not what’s trendy or what everyone else is doing. There is no cookie-cutter marketing going on here.
  • Personalized Solutions: We get to know you and your business inside and out, and we build customized marketing campaigns that specifically address YOUR target audience(s).
  • Long-Term Commitment: There are no “quick fixes” in marketing. Over the course of a year or more our team works with you on your business to develop innovative marketing solutions with impressive results.
  • We Deliver: Our experienced team helps your business achieve growth with positive outcomes.




Our Process is Simple!

• Meet & Establish Goals

We’re committed to meeting with you regularly to help establish the marketing goals that are in keeping with your business objectives.

• Develop A Marketing Plan

Once the goals are established, we develop a marketing plan and calendar that will successfully work for your specific business.

• Implement The Marketing Plan

Our team executes all of the elements of the marketing plan in order to hit the benchmarks on schedule and meet the objectives.

• Measure Results

You’ll see the results with an upturn in business and written reports, and know that we are having a positive impact.