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Your company's website is most often the first impression someone has of your business. Think of your Home page as a digital handshake that should say as much about you and your company as it would if you met with someone in person. 

MarketShare, a website design company in New Jersey, has the experience and deep understanding of website design and development and its value to make sure your website enhances your corporate identity, is user-friendly, and helps attract and grow your business.

Our website design and development encompasses:

  • Customized Website Solutions
  • Programming Expertise in Content Management Systems
    • Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla programming
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Linking
  • Tracking, Analyzing & Reporting

Here are some questions you need to ask:

  • When was your website updated?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Does it have analytics?
  • How often do you update your site with new, relevant content?

Today it isn’t just about the look of your site. Today you need to be sure your content is clear, concise and well optimized in order to capture the attention of the user. As one of the top website designers in northern New Jersey we make sure that your website is developed in a manner that enables SEO, social media, video, contact forms, and a blog to all be integrated into the site seamlessly and with no glitches. 

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